The Food Trends Everyone Will Be Eating Up in 2019

Friday, Feb 22, 2019

What's hot (and not) for 2019 according to Chef Lisa Dupar

I expect mixologists to "Raise the Bar" in 2019:

- Fun Custom Slushies: Thai Basil-Lime, Aperol Spritz, Cold Fashioned, Peach Julep, Hey Froze

- Zero-Proof Cocktails: A Bloody Shame, Mule Hound, Fuzzless Navel, Black Julep n' Cream, Faux 75

- Exploring Culture through Spirits: Baijiu cocktails or shots - Saskatoon Berry Soju Shrub, anyone?

- CBD Oil (from hemp) infused drinks

Pama Royale Mocktail - everything but the bubbles!

Here's what I expect we'll see in food:

- Anything interactive that connects people together at an event. Events built around learning a culinary craft: chocolate making, pie baking, butchering techniques, knife-sharpening techniques, fermentation class, mushroom foraging, or barista "school" classes

- Hyper-local/seasonal eating - thanks to front runners like Noma, Faviken, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns

- Honoring Native American indigenous people and their culinary traditions

- Foraged, fermented, and super foods weaving into mainstream menus

- Using imperfect produce and "not as popular" cuts of meat (such as offal, trotters, pig's ears and beef tongue)

- A focus on food as medicine: vegan, raw, plant and nut proteins, creative non-dairy, all plant milks and creams, etc.

Our interactive Bean to Bar station allows guests to customize their own take-home chocolate goodies

Flavor and cuisine-wise, I believe North African, Indonesian, Peruvian and Israeli dishes will be popular...all with our American-twists infused into these dishes.

As far as rethinking or elevating food presentation, I think the cleaner, the simpler, the better. Too many flavor-combos, touches and garnishes, too fussed over = too much. It's much harder to execute something clean and simple and have it blow your mind, than bury a dish in sauces and garnishes. Small bites, for example, where you can appreciate the flavor of a spring morel, without stronger, bold flavors masking the delicate mushroom.

Small bites: rice crisps topped with seared tuna tataki & avocado-wasabi mousse

Here's what's not going to be popular in 2019:

- Foams

- Foods labeled "crack" or "sexy"

- "Sustainable" - the word is "green washed" and now that McDonalds is talking about being "sustainable," people will no longer take the word seriously or pay attention to it