Insider Tips for How to Plan a Countryside Wedding

There is certainly something classically romantic about saying “I do” outside in nature, next to an old dairy barn, overlooking the Puget Sound from a bluff on high, or next to a vineyard busting with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The fresh air and sunshine feels like the union is being blessed by the universe alongside the family.

As a caterer, these may also be some of the most challenging spots to pull off a flawless reception. When choosing your romantic countryside wedding venue, keep in mind the type of food and service that you would love to have after your vows are taken.

Take a peek “under the hood” to see if there is a kitchen, or at the very least, a place for your caterer to “stage” a kitchen. Professional caterers are the “special ops” of the food industry and will be able to pull off amazing food for you, usually regardless of location.

Yet, take your caterer's advice on the type of menu that will work the best. For example, beautifully-fresh summer salads with slow-cooked Wild Salmon Fillets, served al fresco, will not only present elegantly they will be logistically safe to execute with grace.

Also, the countryside is a great spot to allow your planner to chose a custom cocktail or simply beer and wine instead of full-bar service. A Prosecco or Mojito Bar will give guests a custom drink option and be a reflection of the fresh fruits and herbs inevitably growing nearby.