Because We Care

By sharing our love of people, food, drink, creativity, and service we are passionately committed to making a significant and positive impact with all those in our community.

Our 3-Bottom-Line-Wins

  • Our team is winning
  • Our customer is winning
  • Our company is winning

Keys to our 3-Bottom-Line Wins:

  • Exceptionally Delicious Food prepared at its peak, with respect for the source & beautifully presented.
  • Great Service by polite, giving & caring servers whose mission is to deliver service which exceeds guests’ expectations.
  • We are building Strong Trusting Relationships with each other, our customers, our suppliers, our community, our event partners, and our venues, by delivering on our promises.
  • Actively Educating Ourselves by open book management, seeking continuous improvement, sharing our knowledge, staying current with books, courses, conferences, and coaching. Committing ourselves to an “idea meritocracy” and knowing the best ideas can come from anyone on the team. Mistakes are our learning ground for improvement. “Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better”- Samual Bekkett
  • Commitment to Solid Profits for the company, which provides us all with security and growth potential. We are dedicated to reinvesting in the business, sharing with staff and giving to our community through donations of our service, time and products.
  • We always work towards Sustainable Practices, Wasting Less, Using Less, Healthy Offerings & Environmental Stewardship through waste management, power-saving efforts, connection with our farmers, fisherman, ranchers, planting bee-friendly flowers on our patio, & offering organic-plant-based menu items.

Each of us are committed to our Team’s Safety, Creating Positive Energy,  Mental & Physical Health, through programs such as Yoga, Meditation, Employee Assistance / Insurance Plans,  Healthy Staff Meals, Dog & Family-friendly workspaces, continued education in food safty, liquor-liability training & anti-harrassment training, and last, but not least, Amazing Coffee.