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Our Approach

Our Approach is to deliver on your “WMI.”

Our team will approach your event plan by seeking to understand “What is Most Important” to you, in your event. We realize you are unique with your vision of a perfectly executed event. Your “WMI” may be the look, the timeline, the budget, the food, impeccable service, the pictures, the music, the theme, making sure your future-Mother-in-law gets her favorite cocktail… you get the idea. It could be anything important to you, and we take YOUR WMI seriously. Our whole team will be aware of what that is, and how we can deliver a flawless experience which becomes uniquely yours.

Our History

For over 33 years, Redmond–based chef and cook book author, Lisa Dupar, has gained a reputation for creating culinary experiences, inspired by her Southern roots, classic training and modern techniques while engaging local Washington and her favorite Southern artisans.

Lisa was born in Mexico City and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. Summers were spent running wild with cousins, on the beach in Charleston, South Carolina where many of her early culinary impressions were formed. Growing up, Lisa always knew she wanted to be a chef and went directly from high school into a formal culinary apprenticeship at the Westin’s Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. After graduation, she spent 2 ½ years cooking in several kitchens in Zurich & Geneva until the early ‘80s.

She was offered a chef position in 1981 at the Westin Seattle, becoming the hotel chain’s first female chef. In 1984 Lisa opened her restaurant, Southern Accents, which focused on Southern classics like shrimp & grits, gumbo and chocolate bourbon pecan pie. Requests from Microsoft and Boeing inspired her to add the catering service, Lisa Dupar Catering, which currently executes over 1,500 events a year. In 2005 Lisa opened Pomegranate Bistro, in Redmond, which she lovingly calls her “culinary playground”. In 2010, she penned her first cookbook Fried Chicken & Champagne. Lisa was honored to receive the IACP Award for Best First Cookbook: the Julia Child Award in June of 2011. From Mexico City to Charleston, and Switzerland to Seattle, Lisa’s inspiration is a mix of the hometown and the haute. In the end, she is simply a Southern gal who can’t resist sharing a glass of champagne and a plate of fried chicken with y’all!

Our Associations

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

We are always looking for ways to get better at our craft and simply hang out with talented people that make us stronger, more valuable humans. We are proud to be actively involved in the following associations and organizations:

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